Dare to be Fit 'n Right

Friday, November 06, 2009 dfg 32 Comments

You sleep an average of 8 hrs a day, supposedly work for 8 hrs. a day, eat for about 1.5 hrs. a day, and take a bath for 30mins. - 2 hrs. a day. So what is 4 mins. of your day to you? Well you could probably sing a favorite tune on your KTV, snack on a junk food you just bought, or even better, you could loose 400 calories! All you need to do is Dare to be Fit 'n Right! I know I did.

So how could you burn 400 calories in 4 mins? With the F.I.T (Fast Interval Training) Workout. In this workout you are tasked to do 8 sets of a certain exercise in 20 sec. with a 10 sec. rest interval. In layman’s terms, that is 20 sec. of workout followed by a 10 sec. rest which is repeated 8 times until you complete the 4 min. You could choose over a wide array of exercise combination such as lunges, squats, push ups, crunches, etc. Just to give you an idea how hard it is to burn 400 calories, a 150 lbs. person needs to jog for roughly 35 mins. to burn 400 calories.

Here are some advantages of the F.I.T Workout
  • No more expensive gym memberships
  • You can do this anytime (but I recommend doing it in the morning to get you more energized for the day)
  • No need for expensive equipment (if you do body weight exercises)
  • Great for beginners and body builders alike
Here are some F.I.T Workout timers you could use. You could also play some upbeat music to pump you up

If you want better results, you could partner your F.I.T workout with Fit ‘n Right fruit juice drink which contains the breakthrough L-Carnitine that helps burn fat and B Vitamis 1, 6, 12 that help speed up metabolism. A clinical study done by Dra. Leonora Panlasigui of the University of the Philippines has proven that you could loose 16.7% of body fat in just 6 weeks with regular consumption of Fit ‘n Right, diet and exercise. Other studies show that 1000mg of L-Carnitine per day is ideal in helping you lose weight along with proper diet and regular exercise. Each Fit ‘n Right bottle (330mL) contains 300mg and the recommended daily intake is at least 3 bottles, at least 2 hours before exercise or physical activity to maximize the fat-burning benefit.

Enjoy 3 NEW refreshing flavors of Fit ‘n Right fruit juice drink in Blueberry-Grape, Watermelon, and Grapefruit in addition to their existing 4 flavors - Apple, Pineapple, Four Seasons, and Pine Orange. Available in 330mL and 1Liter.

Del Monte Fit 'n Right continues to promote a healthier lifestyle with its Dare to be Fit 'n Right Fun Run. For P300, you could join me on November 22 at MOA, as we run for the finish line and possibly bring home CASH Prizes and Fitness First membership. We may also get to be the luck raffle winner of a Lenovo laptop. Hope to see you there!

Contest Requirements:
  • P300 registration fee
Contest Mechanics:
  1. For a registration fee of P300, runners can get their race packet with the Dare to Fit ‘n Right Fun Run singlet, race bib, Fit ‘N Right products, etc. Interested participants can register at the following areas:
    • CEMG Office – Unit 3A Vernida I Bldg., Amorsolo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City/ Look for Marianne Tapales (892.5842/09155498282)
    • Dare to be Fit ‘n Right booths in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig and in selected SM Hypermarkets: Mall of Asia, Sucat, Pasig, and North EDSA
    • Fitness First branches on November 16, 2009
    • You may also opt to register online
  2. Choose from 3 divisions
    • 3K
    • 5K
    • 10K
  3. View complete contest mechanics
Contest Period: November 22, 2009 (4AM)
  • Registration Period - October 21 - November 16, 2009

  • SM Hypermarkets and Boni High Street

    Online Registration

    Fitness First

    SM MOA beside Toby's


    Race Packet Redemption

    (P300) until Nov. 15

    SM Hypermarkets and Boni High Street

    On Nov. 16-21

    CEMG office

    On Nov. 16-21


    SM MOA beside Toby's Nov. 16-21

    CEMG on Nov. 16-21

    (P300) on Nov. 16

    SM Hypermarkets and Boni High Street on Nov. 20-21

    CEMG on Nov. 20-21

    CEMG on Nov. 20-21

    SM MOA beside Toby's

    Nov. 20-21

    CEMG on Nov. 20-21

    (P400) Nov. 17-19

    CEMG on Nov. 20-21

    CEMG on Nov.20-21


    CEMG on Nov. 20-21

    CEMG on Nov. 20-21

  • Contest Prize:
    • 3K Category
      • 1st Prize - P10,000 + 1 month Fitness First Membership + other prizes
      • 2nd Prize - P5,000 + 1 month Fitness First Membership + other prizes
      • 3rd Prize - P3,000 + 1 month Fitness First Membership + other prizes
    • 5K Category
      • 1st Prize - P10,000 + 1 month Fitness First Membership + other prizes
      • 2nd Prize - P5,000 + 1 month Fitness First Membership + other prizes
      • 3rd Prize - P3,000 + 1 month Fitness First Membership + other prizes
    • 10K Category
      • 1st Prize - P10,000 + 1 month Fitness First Membership + other prizes
      • 2nd Prize - P5,000 + 1 month Fitness First Membership + other prizes
      • 3rd Prize - P3,000 + 1 month Fitness First Membership + other prizes
    • Raffle Prize - Lenovo laptop

    • CASH prizes
    • Your registration fee will benefit Ondoy victims
    • You get a chance for the raffle prize
    • Online registration
    • None
    For more information, log on to facebook.com/fitnright


    Unknown said...

    with all the publicity and hype surrounding this event, this run was utterly disappointing. a complete failure -- palm face for fit 'n right

    * 6 am and the start/finish arc was still being constructed.
    * the starting gun was overly and needlessly delayed. 10 km runners started nearly 7 o'clock. by the 2nd lap, the sun was already shining so bright.
    * the route's road (esp. near the start/finish line) shouldn't have let cars park which caused choke points for the runners. and having the generator near the finish line, the runner's already are huffing and puffing to get decent times then you spray them with diesel fumes -- how's that for healthy.
    * water stations were not prepared. runners had prolong their stop to either wait for the water, get the water themselves or look for a cup to get water themselves.
    * and by 10km's 2nd lap -- critical stretch and with the sun bathing the runners with heat -- the water stations no longer have any water.
    * at the finish line, there are also no water for the 10km finishers. there's a heavy line for the fnr give away but do you really expect tired/dehydrated runners to fight a mob just to have a drink.

    hay! and these are just my race related peeves. there are still plenty of failures the event organizers regarding the efficiency of their services. the worst run i've ever participated in!

    dfg said...

    I was there too! If I'm not mistaken, the 10k run started around 6:30am. The sun was just starting to rise.

    My car was actually one of the cars parked along the sidewalk. I parked there because the only SM parking open that time was on the other side of the mall. Sorry about that!

    I agree that the water stations were insufficient and inefficient in accommodating all runners who wanted to grab a drink. Actually, I only got to grab one cup of water in my whole 3k run

    But overall, despite all the problems the event organizers overlooked, I enjoyed the run. I timed in 23mins for my 3K run.

    G said...

    hope you win! good luck!

    aeirin said...

    I love FIT Workout. kaso kelangan tlga discipline. kasi kung d k consistent wala ding mangyayari

    dfg said...

    Yep. Been trying to do the FIT workout at least 3 times a week. Even though it's just 4 mins, it feels like forever but I think my body is adjusting

    Anonymous said...

    wow i didnt know that about FIT N RIGHT! that's such a good exercise tip, i think i'm gonna try doing this week and see results =) keep up the good job jeff and hope you win!! this was really informative, in all honesty :)


    Anonymous said...

    jeff!!! goodluck to you :P bilib na talaga ako sayo hehe... ingats

    Anonymous said...

    wow! did not expect this. well good luck to you jeff! i hope uou will win this:)

    Anonymous said...

    jeff! goodluck! hope you win this! ;)

    Anonymous said...

    i like the workout! i am goin to try that start now on. thanks for the tip dude.

    Animetric said...

    Good post! You explained everything very clearly. :)

    Denise22 said...

    Hey good workout tip for a busy mom like me. It helps me a lot. Thanks a lot!!!! MOre power!!!


    Joy Mesina-Bahia said...

    thanks for the tip! good luck jeff!

    Michael and Jen said...

    Hi Jeff =) The great thing about your blogs is that its direct simple and is already filtered for the Philippine market, very SPECIFIC! It is always fun to drop by and get surprises on your blogs. Keep it up! Your number 1 fan. Michael and Jen

    Cheftonio said...

    Hope you win bro! you deserve it!

    edelweiza said...

    fit 'n right + Fit workout is the best combination to get back into shape. :)

    kahitanoito said...

    This is a great post! I will also post my assessment of the race within the week on my blog http://kahitanoito.blogspot.com


    nino benito said...

    good luck! i hope you'll win.
    thank you for making this blog i was able to join a lot of contests and i already won a few.thank you and MORE POWER!

    jaysnow said...

    nice post!!!...

    good luck also...^_^

    Anonymous said...

    thank you so much for sharing all of this ! im a frequent visitor here and enjoy every contest !

    jagger said...

    Hehehe thanks for the tip Jeff! You're deserving to win this ;-)

    joseph said...

    thanks for sharing! you're my hero, boy kuripot!

    dfg said...

    Thanks for commenting guys. Really appreciate it

    Unknown said...

    good luck on this, you deserve to win this one. thanks a lot!!!

    Hi Jeff! :) Hope u bag this one. :) That's you on video right? :) God bless! :)

    Anonymous said...

    good luck and thanks for this blog =)

    Eliza said...

    Thanks for making such a cool site. Good luck.

    janine said...

    Fitness for the body, contests for the mind. hehe. Keep up the great work in maintaining this site. =)

    kayoubi said...

    keep it up ! keep it fit !

    Good luck to you and I hope you win!

    dfg said...

    :) Salamat!

    zoan said...

    hello boy, goodluck sayo :) wanna say thank you for sharing all these stuffs in here :)
    hey, i won the pimp my pic promo of tara na sa Malaysia :)