Boy-Kuripot Certification

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Running a promo, contest or freebie? Well Boy-Kuripot is here to help you craft your mechanics that may help you run your contest or promo smoothly and at the same time give confidence to people to join. Apply for a Boy-Kuripot Certification. Bloggers, brands/companies, or agencies are welcomed to use the Boy-Kuripot Certified badge below PROVIDED you conform to the rules/guidelines set below. This is a FREE service. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who contributed in drafting the guideline.

Before we start, let us clarify some terminologies:

CUSTOMER or PARTICIPANT (used interchangeably)
  • The entrant of the promotion or contest
  • Score or points of various specified set of criteria totaling to 100%
  • The dictionary defines the word “free” as “provided without, or not subject to, a charge or payment: free parking; a free sample.” Free should therefore mean that a customer should get something, be it an physical or virtual product or service, without paying or doing anything that requires difficult work.
  • This definition however should not be confused in interpretation of another context. For instance, on the FREE ONLINE PROMOS links, the word “free” pertains to the investment you are to provide before joining.
  • The dictionary defines the word “promo” as “pertaining to, or involving the promotion of a product, event, etc.; promotional.”
  • A promo can be in a form of a raffle or sweepstakes or giveaway or lucky draw wherein the customer can get an entry/entries by signing up, sharing, subscribing or even purchasing a product. The winner may be selected simply by chance or by selection based on the most points indicated by the judging criteria
  • The dictionary defines the word “contest” as “a formal game or match in which two or more people, teams, etc, compete and attempt to win.” Contest therefore require certain amount of skill and time investment in order to participate. More often than not, the judging criteria is present.
  • Rules that must be present at all times

Mechanics should address all of the following:
  • Requirements in joining/participating
    • Purchase of a product or service. Entries that require products to be visible or used shall be required to clearly indicate it.
    • Residential status and age (none if open to all)
  • Clear instructions on how to participate
    • Tagging people in photos or social media updates that has no relevance to the person being tagged is NOT ALLOWED
    • Campaigning for an entry in a contest in exchange for a prize is allowed only if the prize will be given regardless of the turnout
    • For photo, video and writing contests, intellectual property must remain with all participants. Contest holder can have the right to usage of the creative property only for the winning entries.
    • Judging Criteria
      • Votes SHOULD NOT be more than 30% of the total judging criteria
    • If raffle or sweepstakes, must indicate how the winner is drawn (i.e. rafflecopter,, etc)
  • Period of entry or validity and announcement of winners
    • For simple promos, suggested duration would be a maximum of 60 days
    • Winners MUST be contacted through at least one of the personal channels such as SMS, email, or social website private or public message.
    • Winners MUST be announced and posted on the website where the promotion ran for at least 1 week
    • Deadline or drawing of winners SHOULD NOT be a milestone like reaching a certain number of fans
    • Winners must be announced within 1 week after the promo or contest ended
    • May only extend the promo or contest once
  • Prize
    • For clothing, sizes should be indicated in case a choice is not an option
    • For gadgets or products that has no standard package, description of items must be indicated. (e.g. Laptop - model, year, etc.)
    • Method of delivery or redemption should be clear. Who shoulders the delivery and coverage of the delivery
    • In case prizes have expiration dates (i.e. gift certificates, food items, etc), it must be indicated
    • If not brand new, must explicitly indicate that the state of the item
    • Amounts and location of claiming of Gift Certificates or Vouchers must be clearly indicated
    • Must indicate if tax will be deducted
  • Others
    • Clearly display DTI or DOH-BFAD number if promo is registered
      • Bloggers are not required to apply for a permit provided the total worth of prizes is no more than P200,000 per year and where the blogger does not derive revenue from it.

If you think your promo or contest adheres to all the guidelines laid out, you may fill up the form below so that I may screen you before allowing to use the Boy-Kuripot Badge.

Click here if you can't see the form

You may embed the Boy-Kuripot Badge on your banner design or simply link it to your post with a text saying “This is a Boy-Kuripot Certified contest/promo”. I will be providing all logos and badges you may use for your collateral in my email reply.

In exchange, I have to make it a mandatory rule to link back to every time the badge is used.

All promos and contest using the Boy-Kuripot Certification Badge will have the same badge indication through either a blog post or the FREE ONLINE PROMOS section.