Romeo at Juliet

Friday, March 26, 2010 dfg 0 Comments

Last Monday, I watched the indie film Romeo at Juliet of Kisapmata Productions with my GF and some bloggers. I have to say, the movie was quite scandalous. No wonder it received an "X” rating from MTRCB. It had numerous scenes where Angel, portrayed by Alessandra de Rossi, acted out what a typical escort girl did. Judging by the poster of the film, you wouldn't have the slightest idea of it being risqué.


Before the film started, writer Jean Altavas, shared memories of her past which she put into the film. She admitted to have been taken advantage of by her cousin several times when she was a child. That incident left a huge emotional scar on her that had a negative repercussion on her life. She explained that our past had an immense effect as we grow up.

The title Romeo at Juliet doesn't quite fit the bill. Romeo and Juliet aficionados might find themselves lost throughout the film expecting a similar and familiar story.

Things you will like:
  • Shot in Hi-definition
  • For guys - Alessandra de Rossi and Maxine Eigenmann had a lot of very daring sexy scenes as escort girls although there weren't any nude scenes
Things you wouldn't like:
  • Dialogues are not seamless and natural
  • Lacked build up of love (not much kilig factor too)
  • Too much back flash
All-in-all, I thought the premise of the movie is interesting. Just a bit more improvements and it could be an outstanding film

Catch Romeo at Juliet in selected cinemas from March 24 onwards. For more information, check out the movie's Facebook Fan Page