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Monday, September 21, 2009 dfg 2 Comments

I was one of the bloggers invited to Smart Bro's B FREE DAY for UAAP and NCAA High School and College students. With me, was my GF's younger sister who is currently enrolled in DLSU. As advertised, we both received our FREE Smart Bro Plug-it. She got the LIMITED EDITION UAAP and NCAA Plug-it with the DLSU design while I got a white one without a design (since I was part of the press).

Although we didn't get to eat the FREE breakfast, since we arrived around 10AM, we were more than overwhelmed by the FREE activities lined up. There were booths around the venue where you could play for prizes, have a back massage, take your barkada photos, play online games, and much more. A FREE ride on the Ferris wheel will give you an overlooking view of the entire venue.

Enter to get your FREE LIMITED EDITION UAAP and NCAA Plug-it

High in the sky

No luck here

No luck here either

Inside the tent, you will find major PC brands like Acer, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, Neo and Toshiba, which have bundled Smart Bro in some of their latest models. We joined Acer's mini trivia game where you need to answer a trivia question for a chance to Win Acer goodies. We both got the right answers. I ended up with an Acer ballpen and my GF's sister ended up with an internet phone.

Another popular section of “B FREE” event was the stage where everyone were entertained by the performances by Pep squads of different colleges and popular bands like Spongecola, Hale, and Sandwich.

DJs Tony Toni, Slick Rick and Sam YG


Anonymous said...

i was there! i got me a free Letran plug its! he he he and i think they will still be giving more free plug its. so check the site for more info:

Anonymous said...

this was really great. i had fun that day.