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Thursday, September 17, 2009 dfg 11 Comments

EXTENDED until June 30, 2010

Last August 29, I was invited to an exclusive Globe bloggers event where they bloggers got a sneak peak on their latest innovations packaged into one Globe YOUniverse! A place where mobile and internet converge and you are its center. I'm pretty sure you must have seen a couple of the ads promoting this product and service in high traffic areas and TV. But if you didn't pay much attention, you would have missed what it is all about.

Let's start with the Globe Tattoo 32K SIM. Packaged in a variety of pop-art designs, this SIM packs a powerful punch. Not only does it have the ability to work in regular cellular handsets, but it can work with your Globe Tatoo Internet stick (the USB dongle that you plug in your laptop or PC to have internet access). All bloggers, including myself, were lucky enough to receive a Globe Tattoo SIM which costs P40 and is pre-loaded with 25 free texts. I haven't had the chance to try this baby out since I don't have a Tatoo kit which, by the way, is offered at a special price of at P895 from the original price of P1,895 today until October 31, 2009. Rates are quite reasonable at P5 for 15 minutes or 15 centavos per KB.

Next is the Globe Tattoo website where the main feature is its "Mashup" page. On that page, you may drag and drop widgets according to your preference. Similar to Netvibes or Pageflakes, you could add widgets like fashion, gossip, music, and more. Share your ideas on converging mobile and internet in the "Share Your Ideas" page. Browse through the "Products" page to check out the latest product and promo offerings from Globe. Talk to the resident Globe Tattoo blogger by following him on the "Blog" page. Although this website is still in Beta, I must say that I am quite impressed!

Last but not the least, the Immortal Text Promo. Stingy Globe prepaid users may now rejoice because you may finally convert your P10 load into 50 texts to Globe/TM plus 10 texts to other networks that will NEVER EVER EVER expire. What's great about this promo is that you could accumulate SMS with every transaction. So if you aren't a heavy texter like I am, you should definitely invest in this promo. On the contrary, if you are a heavy texter, you are better off with other texting promos from Globe.

Promo Requirements:
  • Globe Tattoo SIM and old Globe SIMS ONLY
  • P1 maintaining balance
Promo Mechanics:
  1. Text IMMORTAL10 to 8888
    • NOTE: Keywords are not case-sensitive. If you send the wrong syntax, you will receive an SMS that will give you the correct keyword.
  2. You will receive a confirmation message once you are registered. PhP10 will be deducted from your load upon SMS confirmation.
  3. View complete promo mechanics
Promo Period: August 30 - October 30 November 30, 2009 EXTENDED June 30, 2010

Promo Prize:
  • For every P10 you get
    • 50 texts to Globe/TM with no expiration
    • 10 texts to other networks with no expiration

  • "You can only accumulate up to 40,000 free SMS and no-expiry inter SMS and 10,000 no expiry SMS to Globe/TM" (can't quite understand this one)
  • Accumulated IMMORTALTXT SMS will not expire even if the IMMORTALTXT promo ends
  • Not available for postpaid and Talk&Text
  • P1 charge for every status inquiry but you can view the remaining texts to other networks though balance inquiry (BAL to 222)
For more information, log on to


lloyd said...

Thanks for posting this. laking bagay sa mga nagtitipid =) now i can extend my load budget.

Anonymous said...

just to add po, kasi parang nalito rin ako at first, but happy to hear about this news :)

Is there a limit on the number of SMS that I can accumulate?

Yes, you can only accumulate up to 40,000 free SMS and no-expiry inter SMS and 10,000 no expiry SMS to Globe/TM. This includes the IMMORTALTXT SMS, as well as other free SMS. ================ might mean 40k globe to globe/tm and 10k globe to other networks.

Can I register to IMMORTALTXT while still registered to another IMMORTALTXT subscription?

Yes, you can still register to IMMORTALTXT while still registered to another IMMORTALTXT subscription. Your no-expiry texts will be accumulated as long as your SIM is live (or active).

I still have free SMS in my account. What will happen to my FREE SMS once I subscribe to IMMORTALTXT?

The IMMORTALTXT will be added to the free SMS balance in your account.

Anonymous said...

Too bad this is not applicable to me because i am subscribed to their iphone 3Gs plan. still i am happy because they have low rates for their iphone 3Gs plan.

Anonymous said...

pano kung nagpaload ako ng P20 tapos nagregister for IMMORTALTXT, what will happen to my remaining P9?

dfg said...

pag nagpaload ka P20 and nagregister ka sa immortaltxt. Babawas lng load mo ng P10. May balance ka pa na P10 which you can't register for another immortaltxt since u need at least P1 bal

Hope that helps

Anonymous said...

actually if you have P10 balance, you can still register it for another immortaltxt, yun nga lang magiging zero balance ka na. I did it. u just need at least P1 balance to be able to USE the load..

Anonymous said...

hhhmmm...i think hindi na problema ng globe yung balance mo..lagi naman rineremind ng globe na u should maintain atleast 1 peso balance..ganda na nga ng promo ng globe kesa sa smart na parang smugler kung mangain ng load,,hindi ka man maka stock ng load...globe ur the best talaga..

Anonymous said...

if i will register twice for IMMORTALTXT, will it be still 1 peso for the 2 registrations or 2pesos maintaining bal? and what will happen to the IMMORTALTXT when your maintaining bal expires since it's part of your regular load?

Unknown said...

It will still be P1 maintaining balance.. 40,000 txts to Globe and 10,000 freetxts to other networks mean that you can only convert up to P8,000 of Immortaltxt.. so if you have converted that much already, even if the promo is still active, you will NOT be able to convert the next time..

Good thing about this is that the converted load will STILL NOT EXPIRE even if the promo ends.. so convert your P8,000 now! Just imagine 40,000 txts to Globe and 10,000 txts to others!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

actually,globe did different thing with me.well,i just reloaded earlier for P20,and just for few minutes they began to send me ringtones/mp3 tones which I actually did not avail.Well,it actually deducted me with P14,and so right now,I only got P6 remaining on my balance.And I really am frustrated right now.This is not the first time that they did this to me..