Analog Soul Design Contest

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Get your designs printed in Analog Soul shirts... that is if you Win in Analog Soul Design Contest. Download the shirt template and create a design. After creating your masterpiece, send it via email. If your design gets most votes, you take home P4,000 CASH. But if you design gets chosen by Analog Soul, you get P6,000 CASH

Contest Requirements:
  • Open to all Filipinos, regardless of residency
Contest Mechanics:
  1. Design Requirements
    • Designs should be unisex–have both men’s and women’s shirts in mind when you make your design
    • Up to four (4) solid colors allowed – but please stay away from gradients and semi-opaque layers
    • Choose a shirt color from the options provided (see shirt_template)
    • Maximum print area is 13″ (w) x 17” (h).
    • Design doesn’t have to be centered, but please leave an allowance of about 1” from the seams (neck, sleeves, sides, bottom, etc.).
    • Keep it clean–no vulgar / offensive / degrading / defamatory content
    • Respect other people’s intellectual property.
  2. Download the Analog Soul shirt template: shirt_template (zipped .psd file, 350 kb)
  3. Email your design as a flat .jpg, together with your full name, pen name (optional), address and contact number(s) to contest [at]
  4. Judging Criteria for True Analog Soul
  5. Judging Criteria for Soul On-Demand
    • Most number of votes wins
  6. View complete contest mechanics
Contest Period: March 23 - June 15, 2009 (Submission deadline - May 30, 2009)

Contest Prize:
  • One winner of True Analog Soul design
    • Will be featured in an Analog Soul shirt
    • Cash prize of Php 6,000
  • One winner of Soul On-Demand design
    • Will be featured in an Analog Soul or Soul Rebel shirt
    • Cash prize of Php 4,000
  • NO entry fee
  • Online subission
  • Multiple submission allowed
  • CASH prize
  • Bulleted ListNo theme
  • Only 2 winners
  • Cash prize is quite small
For more information, log on to


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