Get Movie Tickets (for 2) at Wazzup Manila

Wednesday, July 09, 2008 dfg 0 Comments

Do you want to win movie tickets? Then why don't you join Wazzup Manila's Get Movie Tickets Promo. It's easy to join and FREE to do! There are 2 ways to win the movie tickets. You can either blog about the contest or post a comment in the forum. It's that easy! Wazzup Manila's site is a mixture of Philippine directory, blog, forum, and classified ads in one! It showcases the latest happenings in the Metro. Expect a lot more promos from Wazzup Manila and its sponsors.

Promo Mechanics:
  1. For Bloggers:
    1. Create a blog post containing the following
    2. Email the blog post URL
  2. For Forum Posters:
    1. Register and post at
    2. The member with the most number of posts (for the week) will be given tickets
    3. The member with the best post (for the week) will be given tickets.
  3. Notification of winners will be through email
  4. View complete promo mechanics
Promo Period: Until July 21, 2008 I guess

Promo Prize:

  • 20-40 FREE movie premiere tickets (good for two) every week (for both bloggers and forum posters)
    • June 16, 2008: Altered (SM Megamall)
    • June 24, 2008: Hottie and the Nottie (TBA)
    • July 09, 2008: Journey to the Center of the Earth
    • July 22, 2008: The Bank Job (TBA)
    • July 21, 2008: Meet Dave (TBA)

  • FREE to do
  • 2 ways of joining
  • None at all!