Free Style Online Contest - Level Up & Smart

Friday, May 30, 2008 dfg 0 Comments

Free Style Online powered by SMART brings you The Freestyle SMART MVP League! Form a group of 3 and register and play now! You could win Da Dawg Tattoos , iPod Shuffle, Nokia N70 cellphone and N1 Smartbook Laptops each! So put down your PSP's, Playstations, Xbox, and other consoles and log on to Level Up for a chance to win!

Contest Requirements:
  • At least 1 Smart Subscriber
  • Team of 3
  • Active Freestyle account (FREE to register)
Contest Mechanics:
  1. The mechanics of this contest is too long and detailed. Refer to the Freestyle Online Philippine website for complete contest details
  2. For those who are not familiar what Freestyle Online Philippine is, like me, you can check and type Freestyle Online to have an idea
Contest Period:
  • First season will start on May 26, 2008 and ends at June 14, 2008
  • Second season will start on June 16, 2008 and ends at July 5, 2008
Contest Prize:
  • Quarterfinalists – 8 teams/ 24 skilled playaz wins Da Dawg Tattoos for 50 games each!!
  • Semi- Finalists – 4 teams / 12 skilled playaz wins IPOD Shuffles each!!
  • SMART MVP League Finalists – 2 teams / 6 skilled playaz wins Nokia N70 cellphones each!!
  • SMART MVP League Overall Champion – 1 team / 3 skilled playaz wins N1 Smartbook Laptops each!!

  • If you are a gamer, you have a chance at winning this (with practice of course)
  • Could be fun to play this game
  • Long and strict mechanics
  • Have to make sure you are free on competition dates
For more information, log in to Freestyle LevelUp games website