Chikka Promo

Saturday, May 17, 2008 dfg 0 Comments

Chikka is giving away FREE iPods to those who promote their FREE software. It is so easy to do and win. Did I mention that you don't have to spend a cent to do this promo? What are you waiting for? Spread the word!

Promo Mechanics:
  1. The promotion is open to all registered Chikka users.
  2. To join the promotion, Chikka users must enter and complete their following profile information anytime during the promo period:
    1. Chikka ID
    2. First Name
    3. Last Name
    4. Display Name
    5. Birth date
    6. Gender
    7. Country
    8. Verified email address
  3. Promotion period will be from May 2, 2008 to July 24, 2008.
  4. Chikka users shall get a chance to win an iPod® Touch, Nano (3G) or Shuffle™ during the weekly scheduled draws.
  5. Chikka users earn points from the following activities:
    1. Signing-in to the Chikka Text Messenger for the web: The user earns 10 points on first log-in to Chikka and 1 point for the user's succeeding log-ins per day. Even when a user logs into his/her account multiple times in a day, the user will only earn 1 point in a day.
    2. Number of Buddies: The user earns 1 point for every buddy added to his/her buddy list. Buddies may be a registered user of any of the IM networks compatible with the Chikka Text Messenger for the web.
    3. Invite friends to sign in or register for the Chikka Text Messenger for the web: The user earns one (1) point for every unique email invitation sent.
  6. Every point earned entitles the Chikka user to one (1) raffle entry.
  7. There will be one (1) raffle draw per week. Each weekly draw will be based on the total raffle entries earned by the Chikka users from all 3 activities. Total raffle entries shall include:
    1. Total Sign-in points: to cumulative count of sign-in points earned by user since start of promo period
    2. Highest buddy count: Refers to the highest count of user's number of buddies counted for the week
    3. Total invite points: Refers to cumulative count of invite points earned by user since start of promo period
  8. Weekly winners are drawn electronically via a randomizer. There will be a total of three (3) winners per weekly draw.
  9. View Complete Terms and Conditions
Promo Period:
  • Duration Cut-off Date Draw Date No. of winners
    May 2 – May 8 May 8 11:59:59 PM Friday, May 9 3
    May 9 – May 15 May 15 11:59:59 PM Friday, May 16 3
    May 16 – May 22 May 22 11:59:59 PM Friday, May 23 3
    May 23 – May 29 May 29 11:59:59 PM Friday, May 30 3
    May 30 – Jun 5 Jun 5 11:59:59 PM Friday, Jun 6 3
    Jun 6 – Jun 12 Jun 12 11:59:59 PM Friday, Jun 13 3
    Jun 13 – Jun 19 Jun 19 11:59:59 PM Friday, Jun 20 3
    Jun 20 – Jun 26 Jun 26 11:59:59 PM Friday, Jun 27 3
    Jun 27 – Jul 3 Jul 3 11:59:59 PM Friday, Jul 4 3
    Jul 4 – Jul 10 Jul 10 11:59:59 PM Friday, Jul 11 3
    Jul 11 – Jul 17 Jul 17 11:59:59 PM Friday, Jul 18 3
    Jul 18 – Jul 24 Jul 24 11:59:59 PM Jul 24 11:59:59 PM 3
Promo Prize:
  • iPod® Touch (quantity unknown)
  • Nano(3G) (quantity unknown)
  • Shuffle (quantity unknown)
  • Users can win more than once throughout the duration of the promo (but not more than once in a weekly draw)
  • Non-winning entries will still be eligible for the succeeding draws until the end of the promo period (as long as the Chikka user logs in to his/her account at least once during the assigned week of the raffle draw)
  • Free to do!
  • Prizes are not clear
To know more or join in the contest, visit Chikka website